Director’s Platform

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The Director’s Platform provides a great space to address your band before or after a contest performance!

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These director’s platform are one of a kind– and only available with Clubhouse Trailers! First seen on Bulldog One, we wanted to give a convenient location for Directors to address their bands, and a place to gather before or after a performance. An easy deployment, it takes up no floor space when stored, and you can have it set up in seconds!

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The platform deploys with no tools, and stows away securely. It takes up virtually no space, and comes standard with side fences and optional front fence.
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Killeen ISD

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These 4 trailers are outfitted with a full width folding Hydraulic entry ramp, half width ramp from lower floor to upper floor, LED interior lighting, LED area lighting, and a solar panel to boot!




This August, Clubhouse Trailers delivered four trailers to Killeen Independent School District, in Killeen Texas. Read the stories about the unveiling here!

4 Killeen HS Bands New Wheels- Killeen Daily Herald


Heights bands shows off flashy new moving van- Harker Heights Herald

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Sneak Peek at New Trailers!

Here is a sneak peek of our current projects at Clubhouse Trailers! 4, yes FOUR trailers have been ordered and this video will briefly show 3 of them. We’re very excited to present new designs in these trailers!

UPDATE: Check out the trailers after delivery!

Early photos of the KSID trailer build outs as they progress. You won’t see the details yet but this will give you an overall visualization of the trailers.

Posted by Clubhouse Trailers on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Side Entry Staircase

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Our Quick-Deploy Staircase makes side entry a breeze!


The easily-deployed staircase are available for both low-height entry, as well as above the fifth wheel height (~54″)

North Mesquite chose to have their side entry on the 5th wheel deck.











Check out these new side entry steps! Another Clubhouse Original! #marchingband #semitrailer #clubhousetrailers #dci

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The entry ramp is easy to use, and is adjustable for landing on curbs and elevated surfaces.

Coffee High School Takes Delivery of New Trailer

Trailer #004 found it’s new home in Douglas, Georgia, supporting the Coffee High School Marching Band! Take a look!


These rear steps fold up for travel, and slide side to side for simultaneous loading and unloading of both the second floor and the first floor, which is used for rolling equipment.



We equip most trailers with our innovative uniform storage system, utilizing the space above the 5th wheel hitch. Here, all of the uniforms fit on the bottom rack. The uniform storage system can hold up to 250 full uniform bags, as can be seen here in Bulldog One.


This is the Director’s Platform: A Clubhouse Original. This allows band directors to speak to their members from an elevated height.





The Director’s Perch folds up into the doorway during travel. This is a tool-less design so it can be expanded in no time!