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McKinney ISD Celebrates Delivery of 3 New Trailers!

McKinney High School Marching Band Semi Equipment Trailer Outside Photo

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 Clubhouse Trailers had the opportunity to celebrate the delivery of 3 brand new trailers for the McKinney Independent School District. These 2017 Kentucky Trailers arrived to the Clubhouse and were built out identically. The three trailers were all outfitted with our typical Clubhouse Features, such as carpeted 2nd floor, full LED interior and exterior lighting, full-width hydraulic ramp,  custom-built instrument storage, color guard bellybox drawers and an array of retracting staircases.

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McKinney High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Hydraulic Ramp

McKinney High School


McKinney Boyd High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Hydraulic Ramp

McKinney Boyd High School

[/span4][span4]McKinney North High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Hydraulic Ramp

McKinney North High School





All three trailers are outfitted with two of our 8 foot guard drawers, a great place to store flags, sabres, rifles, or any other long items!

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McKinney Boyd High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Color Guard Flag Storage Drawers Bellybox


McKinney Boyd High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Color Guard Flag Storage Drawers Bellybox


The nose of the trailers are outfitted with custom instrument storage, as well as 12 case-less sousaphone holders

Custom Euphonioum Holders for Marching Band Semi Trailer

Looking from the nose towards the back of the trailer, the bottom floor is for rolling pit equipment, and walking up the retracting staircase leads to more custom instrument storage.

Custom Euphonioum Holders and Second Floor Instrument Storage for Marching Band Semi Trailer

The carpeted instrument storage layout was designed by a MISD band dad, and built out by Clubhouse Trailers.

Custom Instrument Storage for Marching Band Semi Trailer


McKinney ISD High School Marching Band Semi Trailers Rear Hydraulic Equipment Loading Ramp

The electrical cabinet houses the power distribution panel for all the lighting throughout the trailer, as well as a solar charge controller for the roof-mounted solar panel. The Hydraulic power unit is also enclosed in the cabinet.Marching Band Semi Trailer Power Electrical Cabinet

Our Side Entry staircase are an easy to use, space-saving design, as they retract into the doorway for transit.McKinney North High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Side Entry Retracting Staircase

McKinney ISD Delivery of 3 Brand New Marching Band Semi Trailers!

Clubhouse Products News Updates

5 Trailers Unveiled Monday for Mesquite ISD

On Monday, August 14, 2017 Clubhouse Trailers delivered their largest single order to date- 5 trailers for the Mesquite Independent School District. These trailers were all outfitted with full paint and graphics, as well as a suite of Clubhouse Features. Each Band’s group of directors had the opportunity to decide what features best fit their bands’ needs.


Mesquite ISD Full Width Hydraulic Ramp Marching Band Semi Trailer

Three Bands (West Mesquite, Poteet, and North Mesquite) chose full width Hydraulic Ramps for rear entry to the trailer. The other trailers are outfitted with a set of aluminum Roll-Up Ramps.Aluminum Ramps for Mesquite ISD Marching Band Trailer


The exterior graphics were designed by a Poteet Alumni, and matches each band’s unique personality. Our partner sandblasts and paints the trailers, and applies a high quality vinyl graphic across the trailer.

Mesquite ISD 5 Marching Band Semi Trailers Clubhouse Trailers



Interior of West Mesquite ISD High School Marching Band Trailer
West Mesquite High School Band Director Touring New Trailer




North Mesquite High School Band Director's Platform

Four Bands (John Horn, Mesquite, West Mesquite, South Mesquite) chose to have Director’s Platform option, which allows easy addressing of a band before or after a performance. North Mesquite High School Band Director's Platform


Check out the beautiful rear doors and bumpers of these trailers!

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John Horn High School



IMG_6736North Mesquite High School


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Poteet High School



West Mesquite High School



Mesquite High School




Watch this great video about Mesquite taking delivery of their new trailers!

Watch out for these 5 trailers at a contest near you! If you have any questions, head on over to our Facebook page or contact us.

All Pictures Killeen School District Outside Shots Updates

Sneak Peek at New Trailers!

Here is a sneak peek of our current projects at Clubhouse Trailers! 4, yes FOUR trailers have been ordered and this video will briefly show 3 of them. We’re very excited to present new designs in these trailers!

UPDATE: Check out the trailers after delivery!

Early photos of the KSID trailer build outs as they progress. You won’t see the details yet but this will give you an overall visualization of the trailers.

Posted by Clubhouse Trailers on Thursday, April 23, 2015


Clubhouse Trailers in the News!

Check out the latest article about Clubhouse Trailers!
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All Pictures Coffee High School Updates

Coffee High School Takes Delivery of New Trailer


Trailer #004 found it’s new home in Douglas, Georgia, supporting the Coffee High School Marching Band! Take a look!


These rear steps fold up for travel, and slide side to side for simultaneous loading and unloading of both the second floor and the first floor, which is used for rolling equipment.




We equip most trailers with our innovative uniform storage system, utilizing the space above the 5th wheel hitch. Here, all of the uniforms fit on the bottom rack. The uniform storage system can hold up to 250 full uniform bags, as can be seen here in Bulldog One.



This is the Director’s Platform: A Clubhouse Original. This allows band directors to speak to their members from an elevated height.






The Director’s Perch folds up into the doorway during travel. This is a tool-less design so it can be expanded in no time!