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5 Trailers Unveiled Monday for Mesquite ISD

On Monday, August 14, 2017 Clubhouse Trailers delivered their largest single order to date- 5 trailers for the Mesquite Independent School District. These trailers were all outfitted with full paint and graphics, as well as a suite of Clubhouse Features. Each Band’s group of directors had the opportunity to decide what features best fit their bands’ needs.

Mesquite ISD Full Width Hydraulic Ramp Marching Band Semi Trailer

Three Bands (West Mesquite, Poteet, and North Mesquite) chose full width Hydraulic Ramps for rear entry to the trailer. The other trailers are outfitted with a set of aluminum Roll-Up Ramps.Aluminum Ramps for Mesquite ISD Marching Band Trailer

The exterior graphics were designed by a Poteet Alumni, and matches each band’s unique personality. Our partner sandblasts and paints the trailers, and applies a high quality vinyl graphic across the trailer.

Mesquite ISD 5 Marching Band Semi Trailers Clubhouse Trailers

Interior of West Mesquite ISD High School Marching Band Trailer
West Mesquite High School Band Director Touring New Trailer

North Mesquite High School Band Director's Platform

Four Bands (John Horn, Mesquite, West Mesquite, South Mesquite) chose to have Director’s Platform option, which allows easy addressing of a band before or after a performance. North Mesquite High School Band Director's Platform

Check out the beautiful rear doors and bumpers of these trailers!


John Horn High School

IMG_6736North Mesquite High School


Poteet High School


West Mesquite High School


Mesquite High School


Watch this great video about Mesquite taking delivery of their new trailers!

Watch out for these 5 trailers at a contest near you! If you have any questions, head on over to our Facebook page or contact us.