Small Trailer Solutions

Clubhouse Trailers’ Small Trailer Solutions are a great option for a variety of programs.  

Bumper pull or gooseneck trailers are perfect for smaller programs or an accessory to a semi, providing nimble capabilities in off-season events such as winter guard or small ensembles. They are great for supporting the busy marching season with additional instrument, equipment, prop, or uniform storage. These trailers offer easier maneuverability, have smaller storing requirements when not in-use, and are still custom-built for your program’s needs.  

Like our semi trailers, small trailers come with a variety of interior build options. Our team is excited to help you plan your program’s new trailer! 

Lincoln Marching Band Small Trailer with custom graphics and interior build.

Bumper pull trailers are offered from 18′ to 32′ in length, and the option of 7′ to 10′ interior heights. 

The interior of every small trailer is fully customizable: Instrument shelving, second floor length, graphics, uniform storage, and drum shelving.

Clubhouse Marching Band Trailer Solution sizes- Bumper pull, gooseneck, and semi

Gooseneck trailers are offered from 28′ to 40′ in length, and the option of 9′ to 10′ interior heights. 

Small trailers are a great option for bands with a smaller student body, or as extra storage for your semi trailer. Flexible, maneuverable, and efficient.  

Interior Options

Second floor with ship’s ladder access

Lighting kit

Drum wall

Instrument shelving

Uniform racks

Rubber flooring

Fully Custom

Interiors are built specifically for your band's use. Instrument storage, uniform hanging, and vinyl wrap all personalized.

Year-Round Use

Whether it be an accessory to a semi trailer, or a stand alone, small trailers are excellent for use during winter guard, marching season, and concert season.


Bumper pull and gooseneck .trailers are affordable and more easily fundraised through the community.

Quick Lead-Times

Small trailers don't come with a long wait- from initial deposit to delivery, you could have your community showpiece in as little as 6 months!

Shelving Options

Our open-concept shelving offers flexibility and secure storage for cased wind instruments. The Clubhouse utilizes an industrial-grade, open-loop commercial carpet on shelving beveled back, ensuring that instruments stay put during transit.


Field percussion shelving, or “drum walls”, are customized to every program’s needs and numbers. These units are measured and constructed for cased battery, providing a cubby for each individual drum.

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