Custom Vinyl Wraps

Custom semi gooseneck bumper pull marching band trailer vinyl wrap conversation design graphic

Your custom graphics journey begins with a questionnaire. Our designer will connect with you about ideas you may have for the look of your band’s new trailer: We start with a broad concept of theme and concept. Our artist then takes this to the drawing board and gets a mock underway. At the same time, we conduct a survey of your trailer, measuring locations of doors, and handles, as each trailer can vary slightly. These positions will be included in your specific mock drawing.  

Once the initial mock has been created, our designer sends it back to you. This is where you get to whittle down the broad strokes into fine detail. Our designer then takes your notes and ideas back to the original mock and works those into the design. 

Custom semi marching band trailer vinyl wrap design graphic
Custom semi marching band trailer vinyl wrap revision design graphic

The mock is then sent back to you for approval, or another round of revisions. Once we receive final approval, your new design is sent to our vinyl team to print and laminate. 

After printing, the panels are then attached together. The entire trailer is hand washed so the wrap adheres properly, then the wrap is hung on the trailer as one entire piece for each side. Our vinyl installers meticulously apply the wrap over each rivet, latch, and around each door. 

Custom semi marching band trailer vinyl wrap final design graphic

Ready For Your Custom Design?

Every trailer and graphic design comes custom tailored for your goals. Our graphic designers work closely with you to create a memorable show piece. Every design starts with a phone call to outline your ideas. Not sure you want a full build? No problem! We can do graphics-only projects as well. 

We are continuing to add more graphics options as well, stay tuned for design options with your new custom vinyl wrap!