Trailer Features
and Options

The Clubhouse strives to provide efficient, logical, and attractive transportation systems that fit the needs of your band.

Clubhouse Trailer Company’s product and design philosophy is predicated on a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, which is a natural extension of the methods used by the successful marching programs we support. With the creative use of the 4,200 cubic feet within a typical 53-foot moving van, the Clubhouse has found ways to create innovative solutions to problems plaguing most marching programs, the most critical one being the safe, effective, and efficient use of all available space. We have determined ways to maximize the available square footage based on the unique needs of each marching program, its directors and staff, the performers, and the parents, all while maintaining a sleek and polished exterior with subtle design elements that flow together seamlessly.

Standard Features

All Clubhouse Trailers come equipped with our Standard Features. 

Interior/Exterior Lighting

All trailers come equipped with main deck and 2nd floor LED lighting. These low voltage, high-efficiency, low-profile lights provide plenty of illumination for late night load outs.

Additionally, we provide powerful LED flood lights to illuminate your surrounding camp.

Custom Rear Bumpers

Every trailer that comes through our shop receives a new diamond treadplate bumper.

Switch Panel

All lights are easily controlled from a door-mounted switch panel. 

Additionally, the power cabinet is mounted on the wall near the rear of the trailer. This cabinet houses deep cycle batteries, a solar charge controller, and a low-voltage disconnect circuit. 

Layout Options

In addition to our standard features, we have two industry-first layouts to improve efficiency and loading safety.

Traditional Layout

Our traditional layout features a customizable, full-height upper deck. This allows easy flow from the side-entry door into the front nose deck area, through the upper deck to the rear, and out the rear doors via ramp.

In this layout the main deck is used for transporting all rolling, front ensemble equipment, while the upper deck is typically an open floor plan used for transporting field percussion and larger wind and brass instruments.

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a great solution for larger front ensemble organizations, as well as those that have caged-storage solutions. The 26-foot long second floor lowers all the way to the main deck for easy loading and unloading. Equipment can be secured using the tie-down hooks located along the edges. The floor can then be raised 72 inches to its transport position, allowing additional equipment to be loaded onto the main deck underneath, as well as the front nose deck area toward the front.

Ramp Options

When it comes to safely loading and unloading your front ensemble and sound equipment,   The Clubhouse has you covered with two superior offerings.

Powered Ramp

Our full-width, powered ramp system is our most popular and desired feature! With a simple 1-button deployment and retraction operation, it allows incredible flexibility for loading and unloading both floors. The ramp folds up to its transport position just inside the rear doors, taking up minimal space.


The aluminum Roll-A-Ramps are an alternative lightweight, budget-conscious solution to our powered ramp system. Each ramp weighs about 60 pounds, and can be easily stored in the belly boxes fully extended, or can be rolled up and kept inside the rear doors.

Additional Options

The Clubhouse offers a variety of extra options to further utilize the available space, as well as improve loading and unloading efficiency.

The Tubavator

The Tubavator is an industry first! While the main deck of the traditional layout is filled with front ensemble equipment, there isn’t much space left for tubas and euphoniums. The Tubavator is a single switch operated, electric winch lift system, and allows for easy loading up to the 2nd floor where there is typically more flexibility in floor space.

Guard Drawers

These drawers are set on full-length slides in the belly boxes, and can each hold up to 25 full guard bags. They are typically built in an 8ft. wide, 4ft. deep construction (as pictured), but are also available in a 4ft. wide, 8ft. deep construction to fit in narrower belly boxes.

Director's Perch

These platform systems are one-of-a-kind, and offer a convenient location for directors to address their bands, providing the perfect place to gather before or after a performance. The Director’s Perch deploys in seconds and takes up no floor space when stored for transit.

Uniform Racks

For programs needing uniform storage, the Clubhhouse has two great options: an open, closet-rod style rack system, and a numbered, slotted rack system. Both can be customized in terms of layout and location.


Needing some coverage from the sun? The Clubhouse offers fully-retractable awning systems that deploy with the touch of a button. These awnings include LED lights by default for late-evening illumination.

Drum Carrier Grid

Battery percussionists can now store their drum carriers on our new ceiling-mounted system. Conveniently located right above the shelving units, the Drum Carrier Grid is an ideal storage solution for these vital pieces of hardware. (Currently available for 53′ Kentucky and STS Gooseneck trailers only.)

Custom Shelving

There are several configurations of shelving available, which can be customized to fit your specific instrumentation needs. 

Our open-concept shelving offers flexibility and secure storage for cased wind instruments. The Clubhouse utilizes an industrial-grade, open-loop commercial carpet on shelving beveled back, ensuring that instruments stay put during transit.

Field percussion shelving, or “drum walls”, are customized to every program’s needs and numbers. These units are measured and constructed for cased battery, providing a cubby for each individual drum.

We offer a couple of custom sousaphone shelving options. More traditional, floor storage units are available for “snail” cased sousas. Contra storage solutions are currently under development. Stay tuned!

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