The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is made up of dedicated individuals, working together as a family to serve the marching arts community.

Drew Taylor

Drew Taylor is the Vice President of Operations. As one of the founding “band dads” of Clubhouse Trailer Company, Drew manages much of the overall direction and culture of the company, as well as customer relations. While Drew spends much of his time in the office running the business, it’s not unusual to find this band dad out in the shop with tools in his hands, building trailers.

Jeff Hadley

Jeff Hadley is the Vice President of Innovation, and the other founding “band dad” of Clubhouse Trailer Company. Jeff is responsible for much of the technology and engineering found in the company’s superior offerings. He and Drew continually strive to innovate and improve upon these products, ensuring that The Clubhouse always puts forth the best quality in safety and efficiency.

Heather Burries

Heather Burries is the Director of Operations. She oversees the day-to-day operations of The Clubhouse workshop, directs the production team, and manages the company’s vendor relations.

Daniel Muzquiz

Daniel Muzquiz is The Clubhouse’s Media Manager. He is responsible for designing the vinyl graphics seen on many of our customer’s trailers. Additionally, Daniel produces and manages the company’s photo/video/music projects, web design, and social media.

Connor Martin

Connor Martin is the company’s Customer Experience Manager. He cultivates and manages the relationships with past and future Clubhouse customers. Connor is dedicated to providing excellent service and communication throughout your experience with Clubhouse Trailer Company.

Leslie Hadley

Leslie Hadley is The Clubhouse Office Manager. In addition to her administrative duties, Leslie works to make The Clubhouse feel like a home for our team and visitors. She is also responsible for applying the DOT tape to all of our trailers, ensuring they are inspection and road-certified.

Sharla Taylor

Sharla Taylor is The Clubhouse Bookkeeper, helping manage financial accounts. Chances are, if you walk through our front door, she will be the first smiling face to greet you. 

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley is the company’s IT Administrator. Tyler manages the technical support services, and assists
the strategic digital planning of the Clubhouse.

Corey Hadley

Corey Hadley is the company’s IT Subject Matter Expert. Corey manages The Clubhouse’s infrastructure, and ensures the technologies are operating smoothly and properly maintained.

The Clubhouse Production Team

The Production Team is responsible for building out each Clubhouse trailer to spec. These dedicated individuals are the working hands that make it all happen.

Brian Pinto

Production Supervisor

Ivan Morales

Production Lead

Ismael Acevedo

Production Lead

Tyler Olson

Production Assistant

Luis Rosales

Production Assistant

Landon Stewart

Production Assistant

Thomas Brousseau

Production Assistant