Mesquite Independent School District was fortunate to place an order for FIVE trailers! Each trailer supporting one of their high schools. You can read the article here. Trailer #015 is now supporting the Poteet High School Band. This trailer was uniquely outfitted with our rack & roll high 2nd floor layout,. Check out some more pictures below.

Poteet Semi Marching Trailer Mesquite ISDPoteet Semi Marching Trailer Mesquite ISD

Poteet High School chose the ‘Rack & Roll’ layout, which consists of a tall 1st floor, and shorter 2nd floor. This layout is designed to accommodate front ensemble equipment on the 2nd floor, and a taller 1st floor for Wheeled Uniform racks, instrument storage cubes, or other free items. Loading is accomplished with a full width hydraulic rear ramp, and half width 1st to 2nd floor ramp.


Poteet High Semi Trailer Side Entry Fiberglass Ramps

Side entry for the Poteet Trailer is provided by a pair of fiberglass loading ramps. These ramps store in the bellyboxes during transit.

Poteet High Band Semi Trailer Rear Hydraulic Ramp

The Hydraulic Ramp is an easy, one-button deploy. It is 14 feet, and makes loading a breeze!

Poteet High Band Semi Trailer Rear Hydraulic Ramp


Poteet High Band Semi Trailer Rear Hydraulic RampPoteet Semi Marching Trailer Mesquite ISD


Notable Features on this Trailer:
  • Layout: Rack & Roll
  • Curbside Entry: Fiberglass Ramps
  • Rear Ramp: Full-Width Hydraulic
  • Lighting System: Full LED Interior Lighting w/12 Exterior Camp Flood Lights. 100Watt Solar Panel with Deep Cycle Heavy Duty Battery
  • 1st to 2nd Floor: Half-Width Hydraulic Ramps
  • External Paint: Body Work/Repair with Sandblast, Primer, and High Quality Black Automotive Paint
  • External Graphics: Designed by Poteet Alumni, printing and install by Clubhouse Vendor
  • Front 5th Wheel Room: Instrument Shelving below 2nd floor
  • Director’s Platform: No
  • Rear Bumper: Signature Diamond Treadplate Bumper