Poteet High School

Mesquite Independent School District was fortunate to place an order for FIVE trailers! Each trailer supporting one of their high schools. You can read the article here. Trailer #015 is now supporting the Poteet High School Band. This trailer was uniquely outfitted with our rack & roll high 2nd floor layout,. Check out some more pictures below.

Poteet High School chose the ‘Rack & Roll’ layout, which consists of a tall 1st floor, and shorter 2nd floor. This layout is designed to accommodate front ensemble equipment on the 2nd floor, and a taller 1st floor for Wheeled Uniform racks, instrument storage cubes, or other free items. Loading is accomplished with a full width hydraulic rear ramp, and half width 1st to 2nd floor ramp.

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Side entry for the Poteet Trailer is provided by a pair of fiberglass loading ramps. These ramps store in the bellyboxes during transit.

The Hydraulic Ramp is an easy, one-button deploy. It is 14 feet, and makes loading a breeze!





Notable Features on this Trailer:
  • Layout: Rack & Roll
  • Curbside Entry: Fiberglass Ramps
  • Rear Ramp: Full-Width Hydraulic
  • Lighting System: Full LED Interior Lighting w/12 Exterior Camp Flood Lights. 100Watt Solar Panel with Deep Cycle Heavy Duty Battery
  • 1st to 2nd Floor: Half-Width Hydraulic Ramps
  • External Paint: Body Work/Repair with Sandblast, Primer, and High Quality Black Automotive Paint
  • External Graphics: Designed by Poteet Alumni, printing and install by Clubhouse Vendor
  • Front 5th Wheel Room: Instrument Shelving below 2nd floor
  • Director’s Platform: No
  • Rear Bumper: Signature Diamond Treadplate Bumper