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Uniform Storage

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We utilize the space at the front of the trailer to create a uniform room. With two rows of storage as shown below, you can fit 250 uniforms.

Marching Band Uniform Storage in Semi Equipment Trailer


Marching Band Trailer Uniform Storage


High School Band Semi Trailer Uniform RackFront Uniform Storage in Edmond Memorial High School's semi trailer. These racks can hold 250+ uniforms.

Edmond Memorial trailer shown with approx. 220 wool uniforms.


Small Uniform Storage in High School Marching Band Trailer Mesquite ISD

We can also provide smaller uniform storage solutions, as seen in Mesquite High School’s trailer. This is storage for Mesquite’s Pit Crew Uniforms.


University of Kentucky Marching Band Semi Trailer Interior Uniform RackThe University of Kentucky chose to have one long row of uniform storage along one wall of their trailer.