Clubhouse Family Tree: Chop Shop Mobile Grooming

Chop Shop Mobile Grooming is a perfect example of how we serve a variety of industries. Their 14-foot bumper pull trailer had previously been in service as a dog grooming mobile shop under previous owners.  

Corie Serviolo, owner/pet stylist, and Jessica Gragg, manager, brought their trailer to The Clubhouse in late February 2021. 

Corie and Jess shared their experience.

When and how did you get the idea for Chop Shop?   

The idea of Chop Shop came years ago when I groomed back in California.  A friend and I always wanted to open a grooming shop with a garage-like theme, and we both love badass chopped trucks and 1967 Cadillac Devilles. The Chop Shop look, design and style is literally who I am. “CS” are my initials, and I have had an Old English “S” tattooed on my back for years. The concept of a Chop Shop may seem questionable in the grooming world, but when you step outside of the box and live a little, look how cute and fun Chop Shop Mobile Grooming really is. And now, with the service and design work from Drew, Jeff and The Clubhouse team, this badass trailer and dream have come to life.

What is the story behind your trailer?  

Our trailer’s story started about a year ago, when my partner and I decided that we were tired of living the way we were and wanted a change. As a groomer originally from California, knowing one of the biggest and best trailer manufacturers is there, that is where we started to look. The market for used grooming trailers is a tough road to travel, and requires patience and consistency. The greatest light in our tunnel came in January 2021 when we found a trailer that had everything we were looking for, in our price range, and close enough for us to pick up in New Mexico. No way could this be! At the time, we were thinking things all would come together, and that our black cloud was lifting. But then the owner said that the trailer would not be available till mid February, so we went back to our books, thinking this just might not be the right one. After more prayers and patience, God just led us back to this trailer. On February 22, my father and I made the 8 hour drive to go pick up what would become Jess and I’s new future.  

How did you find Clubhouse Trailer Company? 

Finding Drew, Jeff and The Clubhouse family was a true hand of God! To become mobile groomers, we knew from the beginning that we were going to have to find someone, or a “clubhouse” of great men and women, to help with trailer maintenance, a wrap and, the fun part, upgrades! Once we found our exact trailer, we knew we were going to need maintenance and interior work done. 

Just like we had been doing our homework on the ins and outs of opening a mobile grooming business, we hunkered down and got ready to make some calls to find the right trailer servicing team. Get this! Clubhouse was the first company that pulled up on my search! When I say God had His hand in this, this was just the start! 

At first, I was a little hesitant to call, because all I was really seeing online were these big beautiful semis. To be honest, I was thinking The Clubhouse would kind of laugh at us and say they are way out of our league, but maybe they could give me a name and number of someone else to call or guide us to some other provider. Boy, was I wrong! 

When I spoke to Drew, I had one of the best calls of any I have had throughout this whole journey. I remember calling Jess right after, shaking with excitement! Initially, Drew and I talked about bolting down the few things we needed and if The Clubhouse could even do something like that. At that time, Jess and I already had a place picked out for a new wrap, but as Drew and I were finishing up our amazing conversation, I was on a Google search page and saw that, for Clubhouse, it also said graphics! No way! So then I asked Drew about graphics, and oh boy, am I glad I did! I mean, look at her! So when I say that God has a hand in this, I truly believe it. Being blessed with the opportunity to work with The Clubhouse has been one of the best things that has happened to Chop Shop thus far. At this point, we feel like our relationship has blossomed personally and professionally into a lifelong relationship.

Describe your first meeting with The Clubhouse. What was your impression of our company and staff?

When we first arrived at The Clubhouse, I kind of felt like a Tonka toy driving up to a monster truck warehouse. Showing up as brand new business owners with a grooming trailer to a place that works on much bigger and more advanced trailers, we felt overwhelmed as well as a little intimidated at first. But once we were greeted at the door with the warmest smiles and hugs, we knew we were home! We received the grandest of tours throughout the entire facility, were introduced to amazing people and, by the end, designing our dream trailer! After just one visit, the entire process was started on a handshake and a hug, because, as Drew would say, that is the way business should be done!

Describe the build process and how The Clubhouse worked with you throughout that.  

The build process was and still has been a blessing, because working with The Clubhouse family has been nothing but educational and a dream come true. Everything I wished and asked for was executed to a standard that is overwhelmingly high.  

During the graphic design steps, being able to express myself like I truly never have before was priceless. To be able to have something I love to do, in an industry where groomers are able to be artists, and then to be able to have that as our brand that we can drive up to pet owners homes is just WOW! 

On the trailer interior and with the mechanics, through everything that The Clubhouse worked on and upgraded, we got more of an opportunity to know our trailer, our baby. We got to see things that we may never have been able to see and understand how those things work, which makes me feel like we know our trailer even more. Being a business owner, the more you know, the safer you are. 

With what The Clubhouse did to our trailer, they have taken it to another level

How did you feel when you first saw your completed trailer?     

I don’t know if I can even put the feeling of seeing the trailer for the first time in words. When we walked into the shop after she was done, my stomach filled with butterflies and I started to cry A LOT! She was so beautiful, all blinged out and shining like a star! It was EVERYTHING we dreamed, talked about and asked for! 110%! Stunning! OMG, and then walk around the back! Are you kidding me! I truly had to take a moment with Jess and regroup. Then we were shown the interior and upgrades, and learned how our beautiful trailer works. Let’s just say we feel like very lucky ladies, and very spoiled! Working with The Clubhouse, we truly felt all the love and care that we want to spread in the grooming world, personal and professional, and now we get to do that! And this is just a start! A DEFINITE MOMENT IN LIFE! 

How do you feel about your trailer now that you have had it on the road and put it to use?  

Having our trailer on the road now, functioning to groom dogs, honestly feels a little scary. Like, this is all on you now! That is your name on the side! At the same time, I have been out of work for almost a year, so to say I’m chomping at the bit ready to go is kind of an understatement. Even though this job can be taxing, and not too kind on the body, this is what I love to do. I love to have relationships with all these pups and get to know each and every one of their personalities. I see some of my clients, which we really like to call family, more than we see some of our own personal family. This is time to show all my loyal clients what it is I truly do with no limitation and no holding back.

What would you like to say about The Clubhouse today and the service and support that you received from our team? 

For new business owners, even though you do all the schooling, education, studying, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s, that feeling of uncertainty is still there. The relationship and service with The Clubhouse has been so open-armed that it has been a true blessing. It is God’s hand again. 

On my first day of being open, which was April 1st, no joke, I went to warm up the rig and start to pack up, and my generator wanted to talk back to me! WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Even though the issue was my fault, I thought, there is no way this is happening to me. First impressions are everything, and who wants to have to call a customer and show up late to the first appointment on your first day. My generator issue had nothing to do with what The Clubhouse had signed up for, and was really something they don’t do, but I went ahead and sent a “kind of emergency” text because I know that The Clubhouse team is who they are, and they stand by their standards, care for their customers and take pride in their relationships. With their help, I was able to have the little issue taken care of with no problems for opening day! 

What an amazing and true blessing from God! I cannot thank the team at Clubhouse Trailer Company enough!