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Electrical Cabinet

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The Electrical Cabinet houses the deep cycle heavy-duty battery, the charge controller for our solar charging system, fuse panel, and switches for lighting zones.

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Band Trailer Custom Electrical Control CabinetOn this side of the Electrical Cabinet is a first aid cabinet, tool storage cabinet, and fuse panel.

stillwatersideentryElectrical Cabinet in Edmond Memorial Band Semi TrailerElectrical Cabinet




For our new Rack & Roll Trailer Layout, (and all hydraulic ramp equipped trailers) the electrical cabinet + power distribution system is moved to the rear of the 2nd floor.

Power Control Unit and Lighting System Controls are housed in this unitWest Mesquite Rear Electrical Cabinet with Hydraulic Power Unit and Lighting Controls

Marching Band Lighting Control Cabinet

Traditional Layout of North Mesquite Trailer with Hydraulic Interior Ramps

Marching Band Semi Trailer Power Electrical Cabinet

High School Band Semi Equipment Trailer Hydraulic Power Unit and Electrical Cabinet

Solar Charging Systems

Along with our lighting system, we provide a simple solution for charging, involving no stinky generators! 100W solar panel with a charge controller in conjunction with the deep cycle heavy-duty battery provides ample power to keep all the lights and ramps powered through a long contest weekend.



Marching Band Semi Trailer 100W Solar Panel Electrical System charging

McKinney North High School Marching Band Semi Trailer Hydraulic Ramp Roof Mounted Solar Panel for Electrical System