Band Dad Breakdown: Graphics

The highlight of every Clubhouse trailer is the exterior design and how the finished product looks on the outside. Whether a semi trailer or small trailer solution, the uniquely designed wrap is what identifies a program, and is the finishing touch that transforms our transportation solutions into true community showpieces. From our smallest 20’ small trailer solution option to our 53’ semi trailers, the exterior display will likely be the largest billboard a program ever has to advertise their band, school and community wherever the trailer travels.  


The detailed Clubhouse graphics process is not just about creating a fabulous trailer design. It encompasses a program’s entire vision, incorporating all aspects of brand identity into a unique package: logo, slogan, colors and even those very meaningful, program-specific elements. The design process includes collaborative communication and teamwork between The Clubhouse staff and program representatives. The utmost care and attention to detail are given to every aspect of the design so that the finished product meets all expectations.

At The Clubhouse, Daniel Muzquiz is the lead graphics expert dedicated to producing high quality, dynamic designs. Coming from a marching arts and music background, Daniel works diligently with a program’s staff to understand the themes, motifs and concepts that make up their identity. In many cases, he has helped a program rebrand their entire look, including logo updates and even complete logo redesign. Daniel’s art incorporates the latest style elements and trends, using thoughtful innovation to create the perfect trailer design for whatever Clubhouse transportation solution selected.

Once a customer gives final approval on a design, it gets pushed over to our print department where it is produced on durable 3M™ vinyl, backed by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. The vinyl panels are prepared onsite at The Clubhouse before being installed with focus and precision. We work diligently to ensure that our community showpieces will awe their new owners and the communities they will serve. The student excitement that we have experienced during a trailer delivery and unveiling is priceless. 

But why stop with just a trailer? Throughout the past decade of our existence, we heard from many customers looking for a one-stop shop for customized graphics and design-based products to match their new trailer. With our customer’s suggestions in mind, we are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Clubhouse Graphics Company, where trailer wraps will be just one feature on a broad menu of graphics-based products. 

Our intricate understanding of the look, style and messaging that band directors want their programs to be identified by, and the application of those concepts to an expanded menu of products, will help increase a program’s overall branding. Our goal is to help a band director or booster club apply freshly designed graphics to other product solutions, whether it be signage, banners, flags or even apparel items such as tee shirts. Our customers will enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping, and the peace of mind that will come from knowing that all of their art will be professionally coordinated and managed by The Clubhouse experts.

We know that trailer graphic design is creative work, wonder and excitement for a program, so why not apply the results of that hard work to other necessary band items, while saving on art fees and hassle. 

With Clubhouse Graphics Company, a band’s complete design dreams can be realized!