Trailer Features and Options

At Clubhouse Trailers, we strive to provide efficient, logical, and attractive transportation systems that fit the needs of your band.

Clubhouse Trailer Company's product and design philosophy is predicated on a culture of innovation and out-of- the-box thinking, which is a natural extension of the methods used by the successful marching programs we support. With the creative use of the 4,500 cubic feet within a typical 53 foot moving van, Clubhouse Trailers has found ways to create innovative solutions to problems plaguing most marching programs, the most critical one being the safe, effective, and efficient use of all available space. We have determined ways to maximize the available square footage based on the unique needs of each marching program, its directors and staff, the performers, and the parents, all while maintaining a sleek and polished exterior set-off with subtle design elements that flow together seamlessly.

Standard Features

All Clubhouse Trailers come equipped with our Standard Features. 

Interior Lighting

All trailers come equipped with 1st Floor and 2nd Floor LED Lighting. These low voltage, high-efficiency low-profile lights provide plenty of illumination for late night loads.

Exterior Lighting

In addition to interior lights, we provide powerful LED Flood lights to illuminate your camp during competition or loading.


Electrical Control Panel

All lights are easily controlled from a side door-way mounted switch panel. 

In addition to the control panel, the electrical and optional hydraulic cabinet are mounted on the wall near the rear of the trailer. The electrical cabinet houses deep cycle batteries, solar charge controller, and low-voltage battery cutoff. 

Custom Rear Bumpers

Every trailer that comes through our shop receives a new diamond treadplate bumper!

Layout Options

In addition to our standard features, we have two industry-first layouts to improve efficiency and loading safety.

Traditional Layout

Our traditional layout has a full height upper deck. This allows easy flow from side entry door, into the uniform area or front bulk head area, up the stairs to the upper deck, then down the stairs to the lower deck at the rear of the trailer, and then down the ramp outside.

In this layout the lower floor is used for transport of all rolling Front Ensemble equipment.  The upper deck is typically an open floor plan used for transport of all field percussion and larger wind and brass instruments such as Tubas and Sousaphones. Custom carpeted and drop-down shelving is also available.

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a great solution for larger front ensemble organizations, and organizations that have caged-storage solutions. The 26 foot long second floor lowers all the way to the first floor for easy loading. Equipment can be secured with tie-down points in the floor. The floor can then be raised 72 inches to allow additional equipment loaded to the first floor.

Powered Ramp

Our 2-piece Powered Ramps are a simple, 1 button deployed and retracted system, and allows incredible flexibility for loading and unloading both floors. The ramp folds up just inside the door, and takes up minimal floor space.


Our aluminum ramps are an alternative lightweight solution to our powered ramps. Each ramp is about 40 pounds, and can be easily stored in a bellybox, or can roll up when flipped upside down.

Color Guard Drawers

These bellybox drawers are full length drawers, and each can hold up to 25 full guard bags. They are available in the 8 foot wide by 4 foot deep style (as seen), or 4 foot side and 8 foot deep to fit in narrower bellyboxes.

Custom Storage Shelves

Our standard instrument cabinets is built in 4 foot and 8 foot long increments, and allows the most flexibility for a changing and growing organization. 

The front bulk-head instrument cabinet is an example of custom storage for drumline equipment. Each bass, snare, and tenor has it’s individual compartment! 

Our fold down shelving offer great flexibility for multi-use spaces. Available in 4 foot sections, these open-loop carpeted shelves provide not only storage, but a workbench to repair instruments during competitions.  When it’s time to load up, simply pull on the handle to release them from the wall, and they fold down, ready to use!

All of our cabinets are carpeted using an industrial-grade open-loop commercial carpet. The shelves are also slanted inwards towards the walls to restrict movement of instruments during travel. 

Director's Perch

These director platforms are one of a kind– and only available with Clubhouse Trailers! First seen on Bulldog One, we wanted to give a convenient location for directors to address their bands, and a place to gather before or after a performance. An easy deployment, it takes up no floor space when stored, and you can have it set up in seconds!

Uniform Storage

We utilize the space at the front of the trailer to create a uniform room. With two rows of storage as, you can fit around 250 uniforms. Optional Shako storage can be included!

Staircase Entry

Standard in our Traditional Layout is our revolutionary, easy to operate side and rear staircases. 

These low-profile, counter-sprung staircases are designed and built in house, specific to each trailer. They take up virtually zero floor space and are easy to operate with just one person. 

McKinney ISD Marching Band Semi Trailer Interior Layout Retracting Staircase
Our Interior Rear Stairs function similarly to the entry staircase, minimizing footprint and maximizing floor space!


Our Tubavator is an industry first! While the 1st floor of the traditional layout is filled with front ensemble equipment, there isn’t much space left for Tubas and Euphoniums. Our solution is to allow easy loading up to the 2nd floor, where there is typically more flexibility in floor space.

This lift is an electric winch, that is an easy, one-button system that attaches to each side of the instrument case, and pivots into the trailer to load and unload equipment.