Clubhouse Logistics Company

Safe, efficient, thoughtful transportation of your Clubhouse Trailer.

Built out of a need,
trailered for you.

Welcome to Clubhouse Logistics Company! 

Clubhouse Logistics was created to fulfill a unique need. Most trailers are valued by the contents inside, and the container is not as important as the internal cargo. However, it is quite the opposite with the trailers from Clubhouse Trailer Company. Clubhouse Logistics Co exists to make sure your new community showpiece gets to you safely, efficiently, and in pristine condition. 

Clubhouse Logistics Company provides half-ton, 3/4-ton, class 6, and class 8 power only solutions, as well as box truck, enclosed gooseneck, enclosed bumper pulls, and flatbed trailering options

Your new trailer starts it’s journey at the manufacturer. 

For small trailers, they are custom made to your specifications, then picked up by our driver and delivered to our facility in Edmond, Oklahoma. For new semi trailers, they are built in Kentucky to Clubhouse specifications, then picked up by our driver and delivered. And for refurbished trailers, they are picked up and transported to our body shop for paint and any extra work, then picked up again and brought to our facility.  Our team then gets to work building out your trailer and applying the graphics to make your trailer truly a community showpiece.

Your trailer then makes it’s last Clubhouse journey to your school. With each trip, our driver is taking the most care in transporting your trailer. This includes a pre-trip inspection, careful adherence to the rules of the road to prevent excess wear and tear, and a knowledgeable hand-off so your team is prepared to hit the road. 

Clubhouse Logistics Company official mascots, golden retreivers.
Clubhouse Logistics Company, moving high school marching band semi trailers across the country.

Just like our trailers, our drivers are world-class.

Our drivers are held to an extremely high standard, with clean motor vehicle records, frequent drug and alcohol testing, and keep their trucks looking presentation-ready. 

Just like our trailers, our drivers are world-class. 

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