At Clubhouse Trailers, we strive to provide efficient, logical, and attractive transportation systems that fit the needs of your band

Clubhouse Trailers Full Width Hydraulic Ramp for Marching Bands

Clubhouse Trailers product and design philosophy is predicated on a culture of innovation and out-of- the-box thinking, which is a natural extension of the methods used by the successful marching programs we support. With the creative use of the 4,500 cubic feet within a typical 53 foot Moving Van, Clubhouse Trailers has found ways to create innovative solutions to problems plaguing most marching programs, the most critical one being the safe, effective, and efficient use of all available space. We have determined ways to maximize the available square footage based on the unique needs of each marching program, its directors and staff, the performers, and the parents, all while maintaining a sleek and polished exterior set-off with subtle design elements that flow together seamlessly.


Here are some of the products we offer (clickable links):


Our Trailers typically come in two base configurations:

Traditional Layout

Our traditional layout has a full height upper deck. This allows easy flow from side entry door, into the uniform area or front bulk head area, up the stairs to the upper deck, then down the stairs to the lower deck at the rear of the trailer, and then down the ramp outside.

In this layout the lower floor is used for transport of all rolling Front Ensemble equipment.  The upper deck is typically an open floor plan used for transport of all field percussion and larger wind and brass instruments such as Tubas and Sousaphones. Custom carpeted and drop-down shelving is also available.

Traditional Layout for Band Semi Trailer Interior20160923_150534Clubhouse Trailers signature 2nd Floor for marching instruments

Mesquite High Band Semi Trailer Traditional Interior Layout



Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a great solution for larger front ensemble organizations. The 26 foot second floor lowers all the way to the first floor for easy loading. Equipment can be secured with tie-down points in the floor. The floor can then be raised 72 inches to allow additional equipment loaded to the first floor.

Texas Christian University New Marching Band Semi Trailer with moving 2nd floor


Texas Christian University Marching Band Semi Trailer with elevating 2nd floor!Texas Christian University new marching band semi equipment trailer with elevating 2nd floor!

TCU Marching Band Semi Trailer Loading at Night with Lights and elevating second floor!



North Mesquite Band Semi Trailer Full Hydraulic Rear RampTraditional Layout of North Mesquite Trailer with Hydraulic Interior Ramps


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