Coffee High


Coffee High School Semi Equipment Trailer set up after delivery in Georgia.Coffee High Semi Trailer leaving Clubhouse Trailers en-route for Georgia! Logo's and Mudflaps installed by Clubhouse Trailers.

Trailer #004 found it’s new home in Douglas, Georgia, supporting the Coffee High School Marching Band! Take a look!

These rear steps fold up for travel, and slide side to side for simultaneous loading and unloading of both the second floor and the first floor, which is used for rolling equipment.

Our sliding staircase is great for unloading first and second floors simultaneously! LED Lighting, 2nd floor.

We equip most trailers with our innovative uniform storage system, utilizing the space above the 5th wheel hitch. Here, all of the uniforms fit on the bottom rack. The uniform storage system can hold up to 250 full uniform bags, as can be seen here in Bulldog One.

How about this uniform storage solution? With both rows, this uniform rack will hang over 200 large uniform bags!

This is the Director’s Platform: A Clubhouse Original. This allows band directors to speak to and see all of their members from the second level of the trailer.

This Director's Platform had an additional front fence, and is easily deployable in seconds!

The Director’s Perch folds up into the doorway during travel. This is a tool-less design so it can be expanded in no time!

The Director's platform folds into the doorway for travel.

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Coffee High

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