Band Dad Breakdown: Clubhouse 2.0

As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to share what we have been working on internally at Clubhouse Trailer Company. Safety and efficiency have been hallmarks of our products from day one with our very first trailer, and that was before The Clubhouse even formally existed as a company!




Over the past decade, we have experienced our operations and output growing, and we have scaled our facilities and staff accordingly. Like many small, rapidly-growing businesses, we have had to be flexible, adaptable and creative with our approach.



The second half of 2020 brought The Clubhouse many changes. Our annex space opened, adding 9600 square feet to our complex.



We launched the Small Trailer Solution, a new line of 20-32 foot bumper pull and gooseneck trailers.



Our 4th quarter kicked off with the delivery of our first total-electric concept trailer, a design so unique and fine-tuned that it has dramatically affected our build process.  

Concurrently, we started feeling the pressure of market demand for our 2021 and 2022 build spots. There are so many band programs out there looking for a viable transportation solution that only The Clubhouse can provide. It became evident that The Clubhouse needed to revolutionize internally, with a focus on efficiency, to effectively meet the demand and continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Most of Q4 has now been spent on that journey, which we have dubbed “Clubhouse 2.0.”

Significant time and effort has been placed on fine-tuning all of our processes to be more efficient. Everything has been overhauled: Front-office operations, manufacturing operations in our shop, and even the sourcing, ordering and management of materials.



One specific focus area has been our supply chain, where we have been actively evaluating relationships and investing in the partnerships that will best meet our needs now and in the future.


Another facet of our evolving dynamic is staffing. We have a core nucleus of Clubhouse staff that are focused and dedicated to our mission, and every member of the team is experiencing changes to their roles and responsibilities. Two new team members have joined The Clubhouse crew, and more employee additions are planned for the near future. 

All of these enhancements are allowing us to do more for the marching arts, but already our capacity is near-limit!

Band programs looking for a transportation solution need to call us now to get on our build schedule in 2021 or 2022.

Anyone who has been through our sales process knows that we have a personalized, customized and individualized approach working with programs to find the most reasonable answer for their band. We are a company owned and led by band dads, and we know the industry in and out. Bring us your challenges: We likely have helped other programs overcome the very same obstacles that your program faces. 

We are ready to work with you today to do what is best for your program’s transportation needs. We want to see your band’s equipment move safely and efficiently, whether across town, your state or the country.        

                                                  2021, here we come!