3 Refurbished and newly painted semi trailers heading to the Clubhouse

Do you need a used semi trailer for your Marching Band?

While providing turn-key semi trailers, we can also source and provide empty shells to immediately serve your bands needs. Clubhouse Trailers works with an exclusive broker to acquire good condition dry van moving trailers, ranging in 48′-53′.

Check out the FAQ’s Below:

What are some benefits of a semi trailer over a smaller pull-behind enclosed trailer?

There are many benefits to making the leap into a semi trailer! Weight, driver liability, interior organization flexibility, and availability of on-road repair services, to name a few!

How old are your used trailers?

We have built-out trailers of all years. Our first trailer was a 1988, and we have also outfitted brand new trailers. When buying a used trailer, we look for <20 year old units.

Can we buy a trailer and outfit it later?

Absolutely! We understand the busy marching season, and will work with you to build out your trailer in the off season.

What different configurations are common in used trailers?

We commonly use retired moving van trailers. These come in differing deck heights.

Can you paint the trailer before delivery?

Yes! We work in an exclusive partnership to perform all bodywork, sandblasting, and paint services. Heavy Duty Automotive Paint is used on our trailers, and is required for any vinyl graphics to be applied.

We want graphics to represent our band, can you help us design something?

Yes! We work with an excellent graphic designer to create the perfect representation for every band.

Do you offer drivers for the marching season?

We will arrange initial delivery of your trailer, but do not offer transportation services during marching season. Most schools will use band parents with CDLs or school bus drivers with a Class A license.

How do we get our trailer to you /  delivered from the Clubhouse?

We can assist in arranging transport for your trailer, and vice versa, delivering your trailer upon completion. We work with a licensed semi trailer shipping company to transport our trailers across the country.

Do you have any DIY Kits Available?

Yes! We have several systems that can be ordered and installed as a kit! Here are a few that we typically kit out:

  • Interior / Exterior Lighting Kit
  • Door Span Kits
  • Rear Aluminum Roll-up Ramps
  • Director’s Platform
  • Electrical Cabinet

Allen High School Marching Band Semi Trailers

Battalion Drum Corps Semi Trailer

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