Rear Ramp Options

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Hydraulic Full Width Ramp

Our 2-piece Hydraulic Ramps are a simple, 1 button deployed and retracted system, and allows incredible flexibility for loading and unloading both floors. The ramp folds up just inside the door, and takes up minimal floor space.

The hydraulic ramp option is made up of the aluminum dual stage ramp as well as the 12 volt hydraulic power unit, its cabinet, a heavy equipment battery and a roof mounted solar panel to keep that system charged. The electrical system for the ramp is independent of the trailer and does not require a generator for power or to be plugged into the tractor. The unit is a sealed closed-loop system and is maintenance free once it is installed.



Fiberglass or Aluminum Ramps

Our aluminum ramps are an alternative lightweight solution to our hydraulic ramps. Each ramp is about 30 pounds, and can be easily stored in a bellybox, or can roll up when flipped upside down.

Fiberglass Ramps are an inexpensive and sturdy solution, and can solve most equipment loading solutions. Generally, five octave marimbas do not fit on the ramp with the difference in front and rear wheel track widths.